Why Buy A Home In Citywest Homes Building

Why buy a home in CityWest Homes managed building?

  1. Extremely well-constructed and maintained buildings
  2. Excellent, award winning estate and building management
  3. Highest satisfaction rating score from leaseholders
  4. Exceptionally low service charge compared to local market average
  5. Payment schemes for works
  6. Local management centres to the buildings
  7. Ultimate and unrivalled accountability and security from a managing agent
  8. Client security from membership of Ombudsman’s and transparency from Freedom of Information Act
  9. Staff with decades of experience providing expertise and continuity to leasehold clients
  10. Excellent residents parking facilities in most estates at a fraction of the cost of private parking.


Benefits of a CityWest Residential managed building
  1. Often lower monthly service charges when compared against
  2. Ability to pay expenses by instalments
  3. Well managed buildings with ultimate accountability compared to private management
  4. Management offices local to properties


Buying through CityWest Residential
  1. Ultimate experience with assignments in CityWest Homes managed buildings
  2. Unique links to freeholders
  3. Access to a panel of trusted solicitors and surveyors with no financial interest
  4. Advice on refurbishments and alterations
  5. Advice on Buy-To-Let
  6. CityWest Complete
Sales Negotiator
Gramos Morina