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CityWest Homes manage over 20,000 properties across Westminster.

Let us take the stress out of property management and take care of your lease or building.

  • Building Management

    Residential building management in Central London

    With years of experience in property management concerning over 20,000 units – we have a market leading reputation for honesty and integrity and due to the nature of our business we provide the ultimate reassurance in terms of client security.

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    Specialising in Central London Residential Block Management we have managed assets worth billions of pounds – we are able to work with both small and large freehold owners.

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    Our day to day duties include:

    • Full facilities management and maintenance
    • Service charge notices collection and allocation
    • Ground rent notice and collection
    • Resident liaison – our proven speciality with customer satisfaction ratings.
    • Oversee assignment and alteration licenses – huge experience in Prime Central London.
  • Subletting Your Home

    Subletting is where a leaseholder lets their home to someone else. Sublets must be registered within 21 days of the sublet starting.

    Please Mail us the following information or Upload your tenancy and Gas-Safe Certificate

    1. A certified copy of the tenancy agreement with the subtenant
    2. A registration fee of £30
    3. An alternative mailing address so that the accounts (and any other formal notices) can be sent directly to you
    4. A copy of the property's gas safety certificate
    5. Details of any managing agent you are using
    6. A contact number for you and your managing agent, if you have one, in case of an emergency


    Points to note
    • You are responsible for your subtenant's conduct. Please ensure your tenancy agreement includes the same rules and regulations that apply to you as the lessee.
    • Renewing an existing tenancy agreement with your subtenant does not require another registration fee. We only require a certified copy of the renewal of the tenancy.
    • You also need to be aware of your legal obligations for servicing gas appliances.

    If the property is sublet to a company, Registered Social Landlord or other such organisation then their subsequent sublet will be a further letting. This must also be registered, with payment of a further fee of £30.00 and a certified copy of that agreement.

    Use our property management expertise with CityWest Residential

    CityWest Residential is one of Westminster’s leading estate agents, providing a top quality property management, lettings and sales service since 2009. We have let many properties in Westminster within the private sector to professional tenants, companies and students.

    Let us manage your sublet for you. For more information please visit the CityWest Residential.

    Free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms - stay ahead of legislation in force October 2015

    There are free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms available to CityWest Homes leaseholders and CityWest Residential are even offering a free installation service to all local property owners. Contact us to find out more. For landlords who are clients of our '24 hour / rent guaranteed' management service, we will be in touch separately to arrange these alarms.

    Letting out your property for less than 90 days?

    Under government rules, homeowners are permitted to let their property out for less than 90 days (also known as a holiday or short let) provided certain rules are kept. For more information on the regulations for permitted holiday lets, please click here  

    If you are considering letting for less than 90 days, please still ensure you register each let with lessee services in the normal way.

  • Major works

    Major works to your home and the building that you live in is carried out by our Better Homes team.

    You can find out more about the major works process here.

    We have a comprehensive procedure for involving you in major work that affects your home.

    Download Residents' guide to major works consultation here.

    Paying for major works

    You can choose to pay your estimated major works bill as one lump sum payment, or by instalments.

    Paying by instalment
    Bills between £200 - £2,000

    If the bill is under £2,000.00 you can spread your payments over a year in equal monthly instalments. No interest or administration fees are payable. 

    Bills between £2,000 - £5,000

    If you receive a bill for more than £2,000 you can spread payments over two years in equal monthly instalments. No interest or administration fees are payable.

    Bills £5,000 and more

    If your bill is £5,000 or more, you may be able to spread payments over five years. To be eligible, your property must be your main home and you will not own any other property. 

    No interest is charged in years one and two.

    In years three, four and five, interest is charged at 1% above the Bank of England's base rate. An administration fee of £120 is payable at the beginning of the instalment. Please note that this administration fee may be reviewed and subject to change.

    You can pay your major works bill online.

    For more information on paying for your major works bill, please contact lessee services.

  • Major Works Consultation

    CityWest Homes is committed to involving you in the planning and delivery of major works to your property.

    What are major works?

    Major works may involve:

    • Repairs to the structure of the building (for example, concrete repairs and roof timbers)
    • Replacing items that are old (for example, windows and heating systems)
    • Maintenance (for example, painting the outside of the building)
    • Improvements (for example, fitting a door-entry system and landscaping)

    Due to the cost or type of work involved, projects like this have to be carefully planned.

    Who is involved in major works?
    • Tenants and Leaseholders - as the major works affect your home and general environment.
    • Housing Service Providers and some TMOs - are responsible for some aspects of major works consultation
    • Building contractors - carry out the work to a standard that has been agreed with providers, residents and CityWest Homes

    CityWest Homes manage major works and approves the funding for schemes. The following teams in CityWest Homes are involved in major works.

    • Asset strategy set the plan for maintaining and improving your block and advises on procurement
    • Capital programme delivery team will manage the major works project affecting your home
    • Lessee services issue statutory notification of works and bills to leaseholders
    The five key steps to the major works process
    • Deciding what works are carried out and when
    • Consulting with residents, including statutory lessee consultation
    • Carrying out the works
    • When the works have finished
    • Major works bills and payment options

    STEP 1: Deciding what works are carried out and when

    In order to produce a five year major works programme, we regularly carry out stock condition surveys, hold estate inspections with resident representatives, and analyse reoccurring trends in maintenance issues or repairs in order to determine the works necessary to keep Westminster City Council’s properties in good condition. The programme usually covers a period of two to five years and is formally approved by Westminster City Council. The agreed programme is published on our website and is available at each estate office.

    You will be updated on how you can find out more about forthcoming works programmes through our local newsletters. If there are works planned for your area, we will provide you with opportunities to discuss the works and what they will mean to you.

    Depending on the type of work planned, we may need to undertake a full survey of your block or estate to help us plan the work in detail. At this stage we may write to you to arrange access to your home to determine the full extent of the work needed and to help us plan how best to carry it out. When the surveys are finished we will inform you of the results and seek your views, along with those of everyone who is affected by the scheme, before deciding on the scope of the scheme.

    STEP 2: Consulting with residents, including statutory lessee consultation

    When the works have been specified, we will write to you explaining how you can find out more about our plans. We will also invite you to a drop in session to give you the opportunity to discuss the works with our surveyors.

    At this time we will also issue you with the first formal consultation notice required under section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, as amended by section 151 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

    This formal consultation notice is served where we are proposing to carry out works that we estimate will cost more that £250 per lessee. The consultation requirements differ depending on the overall value of the works and the length of the contract.

    Most of our major works programmes are carried out under individual contracts of less than 12 months. If the cost of the works means that any individual lessee in your block will have to pay more than £250, you will receive a formal notice giving the following details:

    A description of the works (or the address and opening hours of a place at which a description of the proposed works may be inspected)

    The reasons for considering it necessary to carry out the works

    An invitation to nominate a person from whom we should try to obtain an estimate

    The name and address where any written comments about the works may be sent

    The date by which any comments must be received.

    You will have 30 days from the date of the notice to give your comments and observations on the proposed works. It is very important that you give your views at this stage as it helps us to fine-tune the final specification before contractors are invited to tender for the works.

    The next stage is to invite a number of carefully selected contractors to bid for the works. The bids, or tenderer's, will be assessed on cost and quality to make sure that we get ‘value for money’. We will invite you to be involved in the evaluation of tenders for work to your block. This is not part of the statutory process but is an important part of our process.

    When the tenders have been returned, you will receive the second formal notice known as the Notice of Landlord’s Proposals. This notice sets out the details of the contractors who have submitted tenders, their costs for the works and the name of the company we recommend awarding the contract to. Again, you will have 30 days in which to make any observations.

    We will report our recommendations for award of contract to Westminster City Council. This includes any lessee observations in the report so that the Council can taken them into account when making their decision.

    We will then award the contract. If we award the contract to a company that did not submit the lowest tender we will write to you again to let you know.

    STEP 3: Carrying out the works

    Shortly before works start we shall write to you to provide information about the upcoming works and invite you to meet the contractor. We will advise you in advance if scaffolding is going up and to remind you to advise your home contents insurance company. The information will contain a summary of the work that we intend to do and approximately how long it will take. We will also let you know what inconvenience the work may cause you, so that you can prepare for it.

    As the works progress we will send you updates on a regular basis. If your estate has a residents’ association or residents’ panel we will keep in regular contact with them. We will also provide regular reports to your area management committee (made up of residents from your area) on progress of the work.

    If you experience any problems throughout the work, please let your resident relations team member know.

    STEP 4: When the works have finished

    When the works finish we will write to you and ask you if there are any issues that need to be resolved. You will also be asked to complete a satisfaction survey.

    We hold back part of the contract payment for a period of time to make sure that any incomplete or faulty work is sorted out. This period is called the ‘defects period’. Depending on the nature of the work, we may need to inspect your home to check the quality of the work.

    Please take the time to tell us if you are not completely satisfied with the work. It is important that you return the survey form as it helps us to learn from any issues and to remedy any problems before the contractor leaves site.

    Approximately one year after the works are complete, we will contact you to carry out a defects inspection. We will try to inspect all homes to check that all of the work has been done.

    STEP 5: Major works bills and payment options

    We know that most lessees will want to budget for the cost of major works. We will try to help you to do this by giving you as much notice as possible of proposed works and by providing a range of payment options.

    For more information on major works bills and payment options, please click here

  • Gas And Fire Safety

    Unless gas appliances are serviced regularly they can become dangerous and can kill.

    If your gas appliance has not been checked for 12 months it may be unsafe and you may also be in breach of your lease. You must have it inspected and serviced annually by a Gas Safe Register approved installer.

    You must also be able to produce proof of the inspection and service to the Council at any time. Your housing provider will also carry out random sample checks to ensure this requirement is carried out.


    If you sublet your home

    If you sublet your home you are responsible for meeting the landlord's statutory obligations under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This means you must:

    • Ensure that all gas appliances, installation pipework and flues for which you are responsible, are in a safe condition.
    • Arrange for your gas appliances and flues to be checked for safety every 12 months.
    • Ensure the work is carried out using a Gas Safe Register registered fitter by asking to see a current registration certificate or ringing Gas Safe Register engineer on 0800 408 5500 or online at
    • Keep a record of all safety checks carried out for at least two years after the safety check.
    • Ensure your sub-tenant receives a copy of the gas safety check record within 28 days of the inspection.
    • Ensure any new sub-tenant receives a copy of the current gas safety check record before they move in for the first time. 

    If you need further advice about gas safety issues ring the Health & Safety Executive Gas Safety Advice Line on 0800 300363.

    Fire safety

    Click here for information on fire safety.

  • Future Major Works

    Our asset strategy sets out our plan for the Westminster social housing stock over the next ten years. We also identify what will shape the future of the stock and its impact on investment priorities.

    Over the next five years CityWest Homes will invest £249 million into major works across Westminster.

    Three year programme

    The three year programme is created by using the information collected from the stock condition surveys as well as through consultation with residents and resident surveys.

    Below are guides that provide you with a two year programme and an indication as to what we are planning for the third year. This last year still requires some work and may change as a result of further feasibility work and surveys.

    To see the work taking place in your area, please select your location below.


  • Alterations

    If you want to carry out alterations and improvements to your home, please get our written permission before you proceed.

    The following work requires permission (please note this list is not exhaustive)
    • Works affecting the structure of the building
    • Works affecting any services to the property, for example electrics, gas, drainage, water
    • Installation of central heating/replacement of boiler
    • Any change to the internal layout of your property
    • Erection of a conservatory
    • Rewiring
    • New kitchens and bathrooms, where it is not a like-for-like replacement
    • Changing or removing any internal doors. 

    Some work doesn’t require our permission such as:
    • The installation of a satellite dish – needs approval from the estate office and council’s planning department
    • Changing your flat entrance door – also needs approval from the estate office
    • Fitting wooden floors – by law, you must also lay down sound insulation. There is specific advice regarding laying flooring here
    • Replacing kitchen and bathroom units - as long as it does not include gas and electrical works or work to the drainage.

    If you sublet your home you are responsible for meeting the landlord's statutory obligations under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This means you must:
    • Ensure that all gas appliances, installation pipework and flues for which you are responsible, are in a safe condition.
    • Arrange for your gas appliances and flues to be checked for safety every 12 months.
    • Ensure the work is carried out using a Gas Safe Register registered fitter by asking to see a current registration certificate or ringing Gas Safe Register engineer on 0800 408 5500 or online at
    • Keep a record of all safety checks carried out for at least two years after the safety check.
    • Ensure your sub-tenant receives a copy of the gas safety check record within 28 days of the inspection.
    • Ensure any new sub-tenant receives a copy of the current gas safety check record before they move in for the first time.

    What will happen if I don't apply for permission?

    You will be breaking the terms of your lease and we could take legal action against you. This will stop any further works and make you reinstate any unacceptable alterations.

    You will also be liable for our legal costs.

    Making an application for permission

    Please complete the alterations application form and send it to us.

    Once your application is received, we will advise you about how it is processed and any conditions that apply.

    There is an initial fee of £140 to process the application, which includes two hours of our surveyor's time to inspect the proposed works. Our surveyor charges £40 per hour and we will charge for any additional time required. Other fees include £225 legal fee for licence for alterations and a £50 administration fee.

    Along with your application form and £140, we ask that you provide floor plans of the current layout, floor plans of proposed layout and public liability insurance provided by your contractor carrying out the works. The insurance policy must cover no less than £2million.

    We will advise if you need to get other building regulations or planning permission, or approval from regulatory bodies.

    In some circumstances, other residents in the block or building will be consulted about your proposals.

    Please also note that in regard to this application, CityWest Homes acts on behalf of the City of Westminster as landlord and not in its capacity as a planning authority or any other capacity. You may need to obtain separate consent

    What if Westminster City Council isn't the freeholder of my block?

    A separate application for approval should be made to the freeholder. We submit all applications to the freeholder on your behalf. Please contact lessee services to discuss as fees and requirements can vary depending on who the freeholder is.

    Where can I get advice?

    If you are unsure about who you need to talk to about landlord’s consent, contact us on 020 7245 2106 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Lease Handbook

    Click here to read more about Leaseholder Handbook.

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