Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum, St Mary’s Hospital in Praed Street, Bayswater, London, W2

Alexander Fleming is one of Britain’s most famous medical scientists, and his discovery of penicillin in 1928 truly changed the face of medical progress around the world. The Alexander Fleming Laboratory museum is unique because it is housed in the very laboratory where this important discovery was made. Here you can view an exact replica of the way the laboratory looked when the discovery was made, as well as see displays and watch videos detailing the wonders of penicillin and all of the other achievements which followed, as a result as Fleming’s discovery.

Although the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum is small, it is easy to fit into a busy schedule. It has a museum shop, and is served by a host of enthusiastic volunteers who love talking to visitors about the fascinating exhibits.

The Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum is open to the general public from Monday-Thursday between the hours of 10-1pm. Tours at other times and on other days can be arranged by appointment only.

Admission - £4 per adult, and for £2 for children, seniors, and student card holders.

Nearest Tube: Paddington - 5 minute walk


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