St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, London, WC2E

The most famous church in Covent Garden, St Paul’s Church, is also known as‘The Actor’s Church’ because of its long association with the theatre industry that surrounds its Bedford Street, Covent Garden home. As well as attracting visitors looking for some spiritual sustenance in the heart of the city, St Paul’s Church also attracts enthusiasts of the stage seeking out the many gravestones and memorials to some London’s finest actors.

St Paul’s Church is a beautiful church, located in the centre of the Piazza, commissioned by Francis Russell, 4th Earl of Bedford, in 1631, and built in extravagant classical style, comprising ornate pillars and a wide symmetrical roof, by Inigo Jones. It also has peaceful garden with blossom trees that come alive in various shades of pink during the spring.  

No matter whether you’re looking to enjoy a traditional church service, admire the classical architecture, or simply to find tranquil spot away from the  tourist hot spot of Covent garden, St Paul’s church is the ideal escape, and a wonderful place to visit. Visiting St Paul’s church will transport you to a time when Covent Garden was little more than a small community of homes for the well heeled, and a vegetable market for visitors from the city.

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