St. Augustine’s church in Kilburn, London NW6

Leafy Kilburn with its upmarket villas, Sunday farmers’ market in Queen’s Park, theatres and Grade I buildings like St. Augustine’s church is high on the list of single professionals and families looking for luxury properties near London.

Built in 1871, St. Augustine’s church on Kilburn Park Road is widely regarded as a shining example of Victorian Gothic architecture. The sheer size and ornate interiors of this stunning red brick structure, described by renowned architect John Loughborough Pearson as a church which “draws people to their knees” has led to it being dubbed by awestruck visitors as the ‘Cathedral of North London’.

As you approach the church set amidst leafy grounds, crane your neck upwards to view at close quarters the bell tower and magnificent spire, 77 metres tall. Once inside the quiet church lit with beautiful stained glass windows, take a few minutes to admire the richly decorated, vaulted stone ceilings and wall paintings before striding down the long nave towards the sanctuary with magnificent tiled floor, high altars with gorgeous reredos (altar pieces) and exquisite sculptures are rightfully considered fabulous works of art. A 180 degree turn will leave you facing the Rose window, a stunning stained glass window depicting the Creation.

Before you leave, pay a visit to St. Michael’s chapel (accessible from the South transept) to see the lavishly decorated ceiling and glittering altar, then take a stroll round the peaceful grounds.

Opening times: 30 minutes prior to services ( and 20 minutes afterwards.

Exceptions are Tuesdays (open from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM).

Getting there: Kilburn Park Tube station is less than five minutes away from the church.

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