Hema shop in Victoria Place Shopping Centre, London SW1

A trip to a store near you in Victoria, now means you can truly ‘Go Dutch’. HEMA, a hip Dutch discount retail chain that started life as a dime store, has launched in the UK and is already proving a hit at its flagship store in Victoria Place Shopping Centre, on Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1.

With more than 660 stores across Europe, the London Victoria store is the chains first in the UK. If Woolworths had moved with the times and invested properly, the extinct retailer could have made the same impression and enjoy the same success as Hema, known for its sleek layout and well designed products. The Dutch value retailer with a flair for design, is proving a challenge to it’s Scandinavian rival, Ikea, thanks to it’s affordable prices and edgy designs.

Known for its variety, you’ll find a colourful hotch potch of stylishly presented items at Hema - sweets, cooking utensils, pastries, coffee, tea, kids' toys, crafting bits and bobs, clothing, Belgian waffles, cosmetics, memory cards, mini rolling pins, tea light candles and a whole lot more. It’s not dirt cheap but it’s definitely chic.

Hema’s philosophy is to make people’s lives more fun. They don’t just sell a frying pan, they colour it pink and add something funky to its design. Shopping in Hema is easy and logical, with departments clearly marked as Eat, Study, Beauty, Bedroom, Bathroom, Home and Living, Hobby and Leisure etc. All prices are in round figures; the outdated £9.99 trick replaced with £10.00.

This straightforward, no nonsense approach to retailing is changing the face of the high street, with customers prepared to seek out a bargain at one or more of the growing number of discount stores. If Hema’s Victoria store is anything to go by, it's attracting a wide customer base from discerning, savvy shoppers.

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