Wicked at Apollo Victoria Theatre on Wilton Road, Victoria, London SW1V

The Apollo Victoria Theatre has a deep heritage in Victoria that dates back to 1929. Back then the theatre had been opened as a cinema and it became one of London’s hottest nights out for couples and families. Like many of the other buildings in London, the theatre was designed in the Art Deco style. Over the passing years, the theatre began one big event, hosting ‘talking pictures’, variety performances and even some treats from big bands.  

In 1975 the building was reopened as the New Victoria Theatre and acted more as venue for musical performances with acts like Shirley Bassey taking the stage. As it progressed it became the venue that is so well-known and attended today, having played host to musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof and The Sound of Music. November 2014 sees the theatre become home to the musical Wicked which is based on the back story of what happens in the land of Oz before Dorothy is ever mentioned. 

The hugely popular event on Wilton Road has travelled all over the globe and found fans in every country its landed in. Residents of Victoria take pride in the Apollo Victoria Theatre and are among the many that enjoy what it has to offer. 

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